Design Within Reach Without Rob Forbes


We look forward to seeing founder Rob Forbes‘ newsletter for Design Within Reach pop into our inbox each month. But today’s Design Notes revealed a little more than his insightful musings on the design world. It seems Forbes is leaving his day-to-day role at DWR:

DWR has grown into a mature company with a talented staff and its own set of business needs–my personal mission in starting the company has been complete for years. But in the interest of staying close, I will continue to write for DWR occasionally. I keep in touch with many of the staff in the San Francisco office, and I hang out in the Studios around the country whenever I get the chance. However, I find myself increasingly drawn to new pursuits, and it’s time to close this chapter of Design Notes.

Forbes is shifting his attention to the food, wine and tabletop world–what that can mean, we can only drool about–and has already set himself up at Studio Forbes. We can’t wait to see what happens next.