Design This Man’s Helmet Or He’ll Run You Over


Continuing with the fun, here’s something for the artist or designer who likes to draw or design, and also really digs Formula One racing. The hotshot driver, Honda’s Rubens Barrichello, has just launched a contest on his website looking for designs for a new helmet for him to wear. So if you’re keen to do something interesting this weekend, and you enjoy your handiwork zipping by in a blur at 200 mph, maybe this’ll be up your alley. Here’s some about Barrichello (and with a name like that, he couldn’t really do much else but Formula One, could he?):

Unlike more superstitious drivers, Barrichello is not precious about swapping his regular helmet for a substitute. Back in May he exchanged designs for the weekend with friend and compatriot Tony Kanaan. The swap meant Kanaan’s helmet appeared at the Monaco Grand Prix, whilst Barrichello got to see his feature at the Indianapolis 500 race.