Derek Jeter Launches Simon & Schuster Imprint; Lessons Learned From the All-Star

baseballHere in New York City it’s been a major love fest for beloved Yankee, our captain Derek Jeter.

While all eyes are focused on accolades and wrapping up his baseball career, he’s already launched his very own children’s imprint at Simon & Schuster. The first book, The Contract, was released yesterday.

We were avoiding writing a trite “lessons learned from Derek Jeter’s career” blog post featuring tenacity, respect, dignity and class (yes, we’re die-hard fans but wanted to avoid that type of potentially cringeworthy post) but after hearing about the imprint, Jeter Publishing, in New York magazine we simply have to highlight ways we can learn from his career management.

Begin your next act while you’re still in your current one. The man is still in pinstripes and yet his first book was released! This tells us, of course, his business plan to create this imprint was in place a while ago.

Now, we realize this household name has clout and power to create a whole imprint with three titles already in place but on a smaller scale, what can you do today to craft a savvy plan for tomorrow’s tomorrow, to literally go two steps ahead?

If you just got promoted, congratulations! Start thinking about the next rung up that ladder. Just cranked out your book proposal for the next great American novel to a potential agent? Great, now outline the marketing plan for the sequel.

Instead of thinking about your current role, always think about two steps ahead and if you’re burning the midnight oil, you’re not alone. Chances are your current role and your future one will overlap in timing. That’s not abnormal.

Don’t focus only on the box score. In many games, this shortstop was known for his countless Jeterian-like moves, his midair acrobatics to throw out a sprinting runner. Did it show up in the box score? No. Was it critical to the team’s overall success in preventing the other team from scoring runs? You bet.

Or how about morale? Being a clubhouse leader doesn’t appear in the box score either but becoming a leader among peers is worth its weight in gold.

So, the next time you feel defeated in PR because your client looks only at media hits, look at your successful behavior leading to the hits you’re scoring; behavior that’s not appearing in the box score but ultimately points to your overall wins. Did you make a stellar new connection with a reporter? Are you nurturing a long-term relationship with an editor or producer?

And if you’re working on deadline as a writer or booking guests for an upcoming segment, yes the goal is producing impeccable, timely work but how about the skills you’re honing and the relationships you’re coddling?

Often times in the job search we focus only on landing that job and in our quest for career path success, we focus on tangible things as well like a promotion or turning in clean copy on deadline. While yes, all of these things are important, if we miss the small milestones and behaviors that lead to the big results, then we’re ultimately missing the big picture.

Go ahead, celebrate the small stuff!