Derek Jeter at Press Conference: ‘I Didn’t Want This to Be a Press Conference’

Earlier this week we shared a post on media relations lessons learned from the Yankees’ Derek Jeter, so of course we wanted to see what he would say at his “press conference” yesterday.

We weren’t disappointed. Our key takeaway: he really doesn’t like giving press conferences and tries to keep his quotes as simple and stereotypical as possible. We love his stubborn refusal to play the role reporters want him to play.

Check out his response at approximately 19:20 when the reporter asks him how he feels about being compared to past Yankees greats:

Things we learned: some wise souls advised Jeter to delay the announcement.

Nice hashtag. Apparently he took to Facebook for the retirement story after failing to reach Hal Steinbrenner on the phone (and in order to bring more attention to his charity). But he did write all the words himself! Oh, and we love this one too:

So he can give boring interviews with the best of them. That’s a Media Relations Hall of Famer right here.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.