Denton To Gawker Employees: Get A W-2 Or I’ll Cut Your Hours

Gawker Media is “going legit,” as The Awl reported last night, but not without some hard choices. “Workers at the company’s various blogs will have the choice between going full-time, as actual employees, or staying as contract workers, but only working four days a week,” says former Gawker writer Choire Sicha.
He adds:
“This is awesome news for those among us who were afraid that in the hideous future, no one would ever find employee status anywhere again…(And once they’re employees, they can more easily unionize. Ha ha, JUST JOSHING.)”

We’ve reached out to Nick Denton for comment and will update when we hear back.

Update: Haven’t heard from him, but Mediaite scored an interview-by-chat. This is what Denton told them:
“Our bloggers were drifting into full-time employment…they’d start out intending to use the blog as a platform for magazine freelancing (and eventually a job) and they’d be working at home, but the job is pretty all-consuming…Also, we wanted to recognize that some of our bloggers were evolving into full-time reporters.”