Dennis Crowley on What Foursquare Learned from Dodgeball, Other Social Media Companies

In the final part of our interview with Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley, we spoke about what he learned from his experience founding Dodgeball, and where he thinks the biggest opportunities are in the mobile-social media space.
Dodgeball, Crowley’s previous foray into the space, was in some respects a prototype for Foursquare. Crowley says they took what they learned from that experience and applied it to the new venture.
“We learned a lot about the product,” he says. “[Dodgeball] wasn’t really a fun one-player experience.”
That led to the creation of badges, and encouraging users to explore the cities on their own.
Crowley also touched upon how other social media companies have helped pave the way for services like his.
“Twitter and Facebook have done a lot of work teaching people about the importance and what is interesting in sharing information online,” he says. “I think we get to piggyback on some of their success.”

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