DEMO: Six Launching Startups Make Use of Facebook


We weren’t able to go to the DEMO startup launch conference down in San Diego this week, so here’s a very brief look at six presenting companies that somehow made use of Facebook. In alphabetical order:

CallSpark: A sort of phone-number search engine, that uses public information as well as your email and social networks like Facebook (presuming you give it access to those place) to quickly find you the number you need.

Date Check: An iPhone app that lets you use a simple piece of information about a person, like their name, to do a wide-sweeping background check on them. Maybe useful on dates, if not beforehand? Made by Intelius, it apparently accesses some Facebook data as part of its effort to figure out who your date actually is.

Diditz: Lets you turn Facebook photo albums into web pages accessible by search engines. These pages can be tagged and redistributed on other sites around the web.

Gelato: A site that automatically aggregate your profiles from a wide range of sites, including Facebook, to present prospective dates with a real-time stream of information about yourself. If your date doesn’t like what they see about you on Date Check, maybe show them this?

ShareGrove: Have private messages with your Facebook friends, but not on Facebook itself.

Twirl TV: Create your own “network,” or collection of TV clips from networks’ web sites, then share them with your friends. This includes a way to find friends on the site who are also on Facebook.

For more, you can find lots of DEMO coverage on conference co-producer VentureBeat’s site.

[Image via DEMO’s Flickr account.]