Dell Provides Advice for Optimizing the Dell Mini 10’s HD Video Experience

With Apple’s iPad a mere month (give or take a few days) away from availability, Dell needed to find something to promote. And, while their choice is not quite as exciting as the iPad (but then, what is?), it is a nice configuration…

The Mini 10 in HD: Now Available with Broadcom’s Crystal HD Accelerator

Dell’s site has always had a slight quality of mystery. If you look at the “Home” Mini 10 in the “Mini Netbooks” area, you won’t find this special HD configuration with a 250GB hard drive. You won’t find it in the Inspiron section either. Instead, you’ll have to head over to… Well, I’m not exactly sure where you find this using Dell’s mysterious website. I couldn’t find the performance option anywhere. Fortunately, Dell’s blog entry provides a direct pointer to…

Inspiron Mini 10 performance plus option

It is specially priced at $409 (normally $449) and includes a 1368×768 HD display, Crystal HD Broadcom Media Acceslerator and 250GB hard drive.

Dell’s Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca recommands using Adobe’s Flash 10.1 Beta 3 release and Broadcom’s Crytal HD 3.18 driver to get the most of the Mini 10’s HD experience.