Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible Netbook Down from $550 to $400

Do you remember the transformer-like Dell Inspiron Duo convertiable netbook that flipped its lid (so to speak) to switch from a traditional keyboard configuration to a slate/tablet configuration? Its design drew a lot of attention. But, then reviews started appearing about the $550 heavy device’s short battery life (less than 3 hours) and somewhat sluggish performance. If you buy it directly through, it still costs $550. However, if you buy it through the Microsoft Store, you can get it for $400.

Dell Inspiron Duo Convertible PC (Microsoft Store)

The Duo has good specs:

– 10.1-inch HD display
– Intel Atom N550 dual core processor
– 320GB hard drive
– Windows 7 Home Premium

Then, there’s the 4-cell battery (instead of 6) that is rated at up to 4 hours but delivers less according to reviewers.

Via Liliputing