Deface your favorite photos with Photograffiti

Photograffiti is a new iOS app from Fizzy Pop Apps. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store, with an additional in-app purchase of new “stamps” available.

Photograffiti is a photo manipulation app that allows its users to import images from the device’s photo library, snap a new shot with the camera or start from a blank canvas, then make use of various tools to customize that image as they see fit. Camera photos and images from the photo library may be cropped and rotated before they are customized.

The tools on offer include a drawing tool with a customizable brush size, a wide variety of available colors and a brush-only eraser that leaves the background image intact; a text tool with a wide selection of fonts on offer; and a “stamp” tool that includes various predefined graphics and snippets of text to add to the image. All stamps and text can be freely moved around and pinched to resize or rotate, but are fixed in place once confirmed. An Undo function allows mistakes to be rectified, but once drawings, text and stamps have been placed on the image, they cannot be moved around, resized or rotated again — they must be undone then re-added to the image.

Once an image has been completed to the user’s satisfaction, it may be saves to their camera roll, sent via email or SMS, or shared on Facebook or Twitter. For some reason, the Twitter connectivity uses iOS 5+’s built-in social features, while Facebook support requires logging in through the external Facebook app and then pops up a dialog clearly designed to look exactly like iOS 6’s built-in Facebook functionality.

There are no other social features in Photograffiti, meaning that there is no superfluous mobile-social network for users to share their creations and comment on each other’s work. The app is simply designed as a means of customizing and defacing existing images and then sharing them with friends via established social networks — absolutely fine, since many users are starting to tire of creating endless new accounts just to make use of an app’s tools.

The app monetizes through sales of a “Super Stamp Pack,” which adds to the relatively limited selection of stamps available in the app for free and includes a variety of graphics particularly suitable for customizing images of people — these include sunglasses, hats, bruises, beards and scars. This $0.99 in-app purchase is currently the only means of monetization in the app aside from a banner ad on the main menu, but the wording of the item — “Super Stamp Pack 1” — suggests that Fizzy Pop will be expanding its selection of purchasable content in the near future through updates.

Photograffiti is a good app that provides some solid functionality for free, and the option of expanding on that functionality in exchange for a small in-app purchase. The drawing tools and selection of stamps — even with the in-app purchase pack — are all a little limited, but there is a considerable amount of scope for Fizzy Pop to expand on the app’s capabilities over time. For now, it is a simple, effective, no-frills app that allows users to make their own mark on their favorite photographs, then share their questionable artistic creations with their friends as they see fit. It doesn’t clutter up its experience with superfluous, unnecessary features, and the features that are present in the app are clear and easy to understand, making this a good experience on the whole for those who want to have fun with their pictures.

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