Dedicated Media is El Segundo to None

This is one of the best numbers we’ve yet seen to suggest that the media marketplace ad dollar slump is finally turning around. Dedicated Media, an online ad network company with offices in LA, San Francisco and New York, reports a revenue jump of 140% in the past 12 months and plans for exponential growth in the coming New Year.

Even better is the rah-rah spirit of the company’s PR prose. After reading today’s punchy paragraphs, we were ready to click the jobs@ e-mail link at the bottom of the page. We’re more familiar with journalism’s five W’s than the three P’s of their rank and file – “proud, passionate and persistent” – but we’re quick learners.

Overall, the press release reads more like a motivational seminar script than corporate cut-and-paste. Employees “live and breathe the advertising industry”, while the company as a whole “has managed to surface above the recessional times.”

Then again, when you’re working for an outfit named Dedicated (Media) that serves up five billion ads a month to 90 million semi-unique visitors, you’d better be… You know.

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