Decades-Old AP Internship Program In Jeopardy?

The news that the Associated Press may be cutting its internship program for minorities has been making its way around the Internet, but the situation is more serious than that.

The AP no longer has a minority-focused internship program—that was dissolved about ten years ago to make way for a much bigger, broader program—but the AP is “examining all programs, including internships, as part of the companywide budgeting process during this challenging time,” spokesman Paul Colford told MJD.

The AP currently offers six different internships ranging from photojournalism internships to interactive graphics to an internship at the “nerve center” at AP’s headquarters. They’re all paid, and they provide summer employment to a goodly number of undergrads and grad students.

Simply announcing that the programs are being “examined” doesn’t portend anything incredibly ominous—yet—but we’ll keep an eye out.