Deborah Adler and Her Amazing Bottle of Pills

Great, lengthy interview over at Adaptive Path with Deborah Adler, the keynote speaker of this year’s upcoming User Experience Week in DC and the creator of one of the most talked about piece of product design around, Target’s ClearRx. It’s been a little while since the “ain’t this cool?” buzz surrounding the bottle went away, so now you can get to the heart of Adler, who she is and how she went about coming up with it. Here’s some:

BS: But Target didn’t ask you to design this?

DA: They did not. Actually, my project began as a student project. I was getting my Masters at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and the program is called Designer as Author; you have to come up with a product and effectively and eventually bring it to market. At the time, I was coming up with my thesis and my grandmother accidentally took my grandfather’s medicine; they were both prescribed the same drug, but just different dosage strengths. When I looked in their medicine cabinet, I wasn’t at all surprised by their befuddlement because it turned out that their package was practically identical. So that’s when I decided, “Hey, maybe I’ll redesign the prescription bottle for my thesis.” And that’s what I did, and after I did that I brought it to Target.