Death Gab for Cutie

At the Death Cab for Cutie show last night, frontman Ben Gibbard said he walked by a store that sold only batteries the other day in Los Angeles, and marveled at this rare glimpse into commercialism’s quest for specialization.

“It had a list on the window of all the batteries it sold,” he said. “Cameras, watches, computers, whatever. And I thought, ‘That’s fucked up.'”

From our vantage point, though, what was fucked up was the glimpse we were getting into ADD. During, “What Sarah Said,” one of the saddest songs ever, a sea of cell phones lit up the Greek. At first we thought people were holding them up like fire-proof lighters. But no. During the beautifully staged number (and throughout the set, really), half the audience was shooting the show and streaming it directly to Flickr and MySpace.

The guy we shot here even had the nerve to answer a call during “Soul Meets Body.”

Are we all so desperate to share our experiences that we have no time just to live them?