Dear WaPo: Your Memos Are Snoozefests

WaPo has two exciting promotions. Unfortunately they were announced in one very boring memo. Steven Ginsberg is the new national political editor and Rachel Van Dongen is deputy political editor and will oversee the PostPolitics site. Ginsberg is a “creative thinker” with an “entrepreneurial spirit.” Van Dongen is “energetic,” and “politically savvy” and brings “considerable experience” to the job. She is formerly an editor and reporter for Roll Call, CQ, The Economist and Christian Science Monitor.

Congratulations to Ginsberg and Van Dongen!

See the memo, but get caffeinated before you do. It’s soundbite-ridden, wordy and we’re now napping…


We are pleased to announce that Steven Ginsberg is our new national
political editor. And Rachel Van Dongen will become deputy political editor
with day-to-day responsibility for our PostPolitics site.

Steven, who had been deputy political editor since last summer, is well
positioned to take the helm of this important franchise. He is a creative
thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit and the architect of many of our
most ambitious plans for the 2012 campaign. He is responsible for the
successful development of new features such as The Fact Checker and was
central to our terrific coverage of the 2010 midterms. He will oversee all
national political coverage—in print and on digital platforms—and guide our
stellar political team through this critical presidential election cycle.

Steven was a core member of National’s campaign editing team in 2008, and
later served as Local politics editor before rejoining National.

Rachel joins National after two-and-a-half years as editor of  WhoRunsGov.
She will be instrumental in all that we produce for PostPolitics, helping
to program the site, imagine its possibilities and direct innovation its
way. She will supervise the politics Web producers and work closely with
PostPolitics Managing Editor Chris Cillizza, his Fix team and others on the
frontlines of our digital journalism. In her new role, Rachel will also
oversee the close collaboration of WhoRunsGov and PostPolitics.

Rachel is an energetic editor who brings political savvy and considerable
experience to this job. She spent six years at Roll Call as a staff writer
and political editor, and later returned as its Web editor. She also spent
four years in South America covering the drug war and Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez for The Economist and Christian Science Monitor. Upon returning
to Washington, she worked for Congressional Quarterly as a tax reporter.

Please congratulate Steven and Rachel on their new assignments.

Kevin   Marilyn