Music Journo Set for His 218th Rolling Stones Concert

DeanGoodmanStrangeDaysIn the 2013 memoir Strange DaysDean Goodman framed his lifelong passion for the Rolling Stones as follows:

I started obsessing about Mick & Co. when I was 13. Everyone at my New Zealand boarding school was into the Rolling Stones. In a regimented system whose absurd rules and traditions dated back to the early years of Queen Victoria’s reign, we looked to the Stones as our rebellious role models.

They gave me hope that I too could break out of my dull suburban existence just as they did in the early ’60s. They were dangerous and dirty, as was their music…

This weekend, when the Stones hit the stage in Auckland to wrap up a two-month tour of Australia and New Zealand, Goodman will once again be in the audience. The L.A.-based music journalist booked a last-minute flight back home for what will be his 218th Stones live performance. (That’s not a typo. The number is indeed 218.)

Goodman first saw the Stones in 1989. Along the way, he met his current wife while attending a free 2006 show by the band on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro and got married later that same year in Vancouver, hours before the group’s final “Bigger Bangworld” North American tour date.

Although Goodman’s RS show tally is jaw-dropping, he told us that the founder of fan club It’s Only Rock and Roll has him easily beat. Bjørnulf Vik essentially stopped counting at around the 400 mark.

Update (Feb. 9, 2016):
We linked from another article on this date to the item, so we thought’d we’d check in with Goodman, currently on the road in South America with the Stones, to find out what the tally now stands at. Via Twitter, Goodman told us “Now at 228. Will end current tour at 240, assuming Cuba goes ahead.”
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