A Daily Caller Columnist’s Strange Correspondence With Dean Baquet

Evan Gahr invoked slavery reparations.

Ken Kurson has a whale of a tale today in The Observer.

In one corner, there is Daily Caller columnist Evan Gahr. In the other, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet. Read the full piece for all the wacky details, but at one point, Baquet admonished Gahr for initially communicating under the false name of Fang Wu. From Kurson’s piece:

On August 1, in an email for which the subject reads, “Ron Nixon stole my scoop about DHS firing an ICE whistlebloer [sic],” Gahr wrote, “Dean, maybe you email this to the right person as quickly as you did Fang Wu’s email about [NYT Co. chief revenue officer] Meredith [Levien]’s Wiki page. Seriously. You can’t go around stealing stories from me just because I don’t write for Politico. [Nixon] reported it five weeks after I did and ONLY knew about the whole thing because I sent him my story and supporting documents. You need to follow NYTimes policy and give me credit. Please don’t tell me to talk to the standards editor. He ignored multiple inquiries. Thanks.”

Baquet writes back, “You also can’t go around using fake names.”

It rapidly devolved from there, and once Gahr crassly invoked the specters of slavery and reparations, Baquet let loose with an epithet. That epithet is in the Observer article headline.