Deadspin Shows Donald Trump the New Way to Do PR

Sports blog Deadspin received far more attention than usual this week thanks to its blockbuster reporting on the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend scandal/PR stunt (we still think he’s full of it, but time will tell).

In fact, the article even got a bit of unsolicited praise from everyone’s least favorite hair-challenged blowhard, Donald Trump. And Deadspin used the opportunity to demonstrate its own frank version of public relations:

Well then! Of course, this quickly inspired Trump to rethink his opinion of the site and the people who run it:

So it’s Deadspin’s fault that every other media outlet on the planet (our own included) reported on their reporting and didn’t pay them for it? Does The Donald not understand how the Internet works?


When the king of class calls you disgusting, you know you’ve done something right. Yet Trump still seems to love Tom Scocca, who is leaving the site to become deputy editor at Gawker.

As for poor Timothy Burke: Where’s the birth certificate? We hear Trump has investigators in downtown Manhattan, and you wouldn’t believe what they’ve found…