DC Style is Groovin’ To Movable Type

sexystyle.pngWhenever anyone or anything undergoes a makeover, you know that a blog can’t be far behind.

And so it is with DC Style, which recently revamped their look (going from “classy”–as in Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman 2–to “You’re so hot you melt the plasic in my underwear”–as in Halle Berry in Catwoman) and added their own MySpace page. The page has a motto so cuddly it makes us just want to bundle up on the couch with a blanket and a bottle of Voss water and just shop RedEnvelope and Bluefly’s websites all day long:

“For you, your home, your life…”


Of course, that assumes that we in DC a. ) can afford a home and b.) actually have a life. But then again, we’re probably not the target audience of DC Style. The page is, no, not a spoof or mockery of DC Style. A spokeswoman for the magazine said that it’s part of a “grass roots outreach vehicle.”

Grass roots? Ew. How very not stylish…Didn’t somebody tell them that Birkenstocks went out with the Dean campaign?

By the page’s own admission, the folks at DC Style are looking to meet “Friends, young professionals, makeup artists, photographers, models, fashion designers, writers… Anyone who is interested in current trends in food, fashion, home & design.”

Note to DC Style: Be careful about who you allow to be friends on your MySpace page (they have 56 thus far, if you’re counting at home…). Already, one uses a C-SPAN screen capture of himself as his mug shot, which–and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you–is anything but stylish.