DC Pubs Disagree: Are Democrats ‘Spiking the Football’?

Obamacare enrollments reached 7.1 million last month, but Democrats and Republicans are still bickering over whether or not that’s a good thing. Dems are obviously pleased, while Republicans are warning Obamacare supporters not to celebrate too early. Disagreements over whether healthcare reform is working won’t be resolved anytime soon. But there is another, more pressing question vexing the political media this week as well: are the President and his allies “spiking the ball” over the enrollment numbers?

The Hill says it isn’t so. In his article, “Democrats don’t spike ball on ObamaCare,” Mike Lillis contends that Dems are showing caution in the aftermath of this major milestone. And Jay Cost at the Weekly Standard agrees. In “Why Didn’t Vulnerable Senate Dems Spike the Football Yesterday?“, he points out that the party is eager to stop talking about the law altogether.

But National Journal‘s James Oliphant and Commentary‘s Jonathan Tobin act as if the ball-spiking were obvious.

“The president couldn’t resist spiking the football over the Affordable Care Act,” wrote Oliphant yesterday.

“The administration felt it had good reason to spike the ball,” said Tobin. “And that’s exactly what the president did.”

And according to the WaPo editorial board, while there was definitely some modest spiking of the ball, it was clearly within the bounds of proper decorum. “You can forgive a little football-spiking,” they wrote yesterday. “Even if Obamacare is far from the end zone.”

Hm, isn’t spiking a football outside of the end zone usually referred to as a fumble? Oh well. Sports metaphors, gotta love em!