5 Apps That Drain Your Phone Battery The Most

Opinion: Whether you’re in an emergency or simply hate seeing 'the red,' these apps are killing your phone battery

You forgot to charge your phone overnight. You’ve been out all day without a charger. You’ve been playing on your applications for too long. There are many reasons why your phone battery dies quickly, and there are many ways to save your battery so that you can stay connected and stress-free throughout the day.

Whether you’re in an emergency or simply hate seeing “the red,” we rounded up the top five apps that are killing your phone battery. Study up and proceed with caution.

  1. Snapchat: We all know how much fun Snapchat is—it quickly becomes part of our daily routine. However, this fun app is the No. 1 killer of cell phone batteries. Major memory usage is drained, as well, with Snapchat. Be careful: Just because the photo is erased from the app after 24 hours doesn’t mean that the app isn’t consuming most of your internal storage. The constant check-ins, streaming, messaging, photo and video creation and networking drain batteries very quickly.
  2. Google Maps: It is one of the most useful apps and can truly save your day, but in doing so, it can also make your day take a turn for the worse by killing your battery. Google Maps follows you around wherever you go (for better or worse), which uses a lot of battery. Even when you’re traveling and your phone is on airplane mode, that little blue Google Maps dot still follows you. Most of the time it’s super helpful to find your way, but once your battery is dead, you’re officially lost.
  3. Netflix: Netflix is one of those apps we can’t live without. Whether you’re commuting, lounging around, waiting for an appointment or just bored at work, Netflix fills the void of wasted time. However, we recommend that if you’re not near a cell phone charging station, you should stay away from Netflix until you’re safely near a power source. This app is one of the most dangerous for consuming battery (and data) since it is constantly streaming.
  4. Facebook and Facebook Messenger: Facebook and its subsidiary app, Facebook Messenger, can drain your battery very quickly. We all like to check in on Facebook, and with Messenger, you can quickly send messages to your friends and check out their day (Messenger’s version of Snapchat). But beware that after even as much as 10 minutes of social networking, your battery could be drained up to 20 percent.
  5. Amazon: Amazon’s app has made it so easy to sign on and buy what you need that it could be considered dangerous not only for your cell phone battery, but also for your wallet. Searching products, comparing prices, adding things to your cart—they all seem like normal, harmless processes. However, these simple tasks add up and, next thing you know, you can’t buy your favorite Harry Potter wand because your cell phone is dead.

David Walke is CEO of goCharge, a distributor of mobile device charging kiosks.

Image courtesy of drante/iStock.