Pair of Music Journalists Fundraising for UNCOOL New Outlet

From Tyler Hayes, owner of the website Next Big Thing, comes word of some hip, self-effacing potential competition. Or maybe there’s room for everybody on the endlessly elastic Word Wide Web.

UNCOOL, a new long-form music journalism site, is the brainchild of local freelance writers Daniel Siegal and David Greenwald (LA Times, Billboard, Rolling Stone, etc.; Siegal also writes for LAT community newspaper La Cañada Valley Sun*). In their Kickstarter pitch, the pair promise there will be “no blog posts, no news stories about Rihanna‘s Instagram…. Just great writing about music that matters.”

Another goal is to mitigate today’s alarming Internet music journalism pay scale. As Siegal and Greenwald note at the top of their Kickstarter scroll, “serious readers and writers are both struggling: the site Prefix, for one, has been offering new writers $2 a blog post.”

Check out the UNCOOL Kickstarter campaign here. With today’s deadline of 11:59 p.m. ET looming and Kickstarter (unlike Indiegogo) not offering the option of a “flexible funding” model, it’s likely soon going to be back-to-the-drawing-board for this duo. They are currently sitting well short of their goal of $54,000.

*Update – 01/02/13: Siegal let us know via email that starting Monday January 7, he will be shifting over to LAT Community News publications Glendale News-Press and Burbank Leader.

Update – 01/03/12: Griswald has thanked all those who supported the campaign and urged readers to continue following the individual writers that were to have been involved in UNCOOL as contributors.