David Shuster Shows No Mercy for Wife Getting Pooped on by Bird

Lefty radio host David Shuster’s new wife, Kera Rennert, a producer for CBS News and Discovery Channel, had an unusual experience on Saturday: A bird took a big dump on her in Manhattan.

She wrote on Facebook:

“A bird took a ginormous poop on me this weekend … I believe it was a pterodactyl based on the ridiculous heft of the offending matter. At first I thought someone had thrown a milkshake at me. The poop landed on my cheek and slid down my neck onto my shoulder. I started to dry heave and nearly burst into tears (remember, I’m 8 months preggers and just a wee bit sensitive). Good / Bad omen? Have at it, FBers.”

Being Shuster, he did what any loving husband with a pregnant wife would do. He was live on the radio from noon – 3pm Saturday (WeActRadio show “Take Action News”) when she was struck. “And I didn’t do a damn thing to help her clean up,” he wrote FisbowlDC. “All I did, after she told me, was talk about it on the radio, laugh, and feign concern. Because really I was thinking to myself, ‘Heck yeah!!! Isn’t this a foretelling of great wealth?'”

No doubt Kera is in for some very good luck. In the meantime, Kera, feel free to send us some good dirt on Shuster. We’re happy to help you out with payback anytime!