David Shaw Stalked by Veal Stew

When David Shaw mentioned several months ago in his LAT ‘Matters of Taste’ column that people didn’t invite him and his wife to dinner parties, he received more than thirty emailed invitations from strangers. He accepted three of them (Sample criteria: “I also picked a reader who had e-mailed me about other food and wine columns, and who has a daughter in our son’s school. All that seemed to suggest we might find something to talk about.”) Today, he writes about his experiences. By sheer coincidence, all three hosts served osso bucco, a stew of veal and simmered marrow bones. I’m sure this choice says something penetrating about social status and aspiration in Los Angeles, but I need to mull on it for a day or two before trying to draw out its implications. Hint- Shaw writes:

Osso buco also has a certain sophisticated sound to it; because the name is foreign, “it seems more exotic than a simple roast,” as the hostess of our third dinner party would tell me.