David Ross Complains About Museum Sales, Rose Art Avoids Them (For Now)

The former director of both the Whitney Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, David Ross, has filed his own public letter, his in the Wall Street Journal and concerning the much-recently debated topic of museums selling pieces of their collections to keep their doors open. Ross is tossing his hat onto the side that is totally against it in this regard, claiming that selling causes museums to “lose the public trust” and should only “be done to enhance the collection — not to satisfy bondholders or bank lenders.” His complaint serves as a nice counter-point to the piece we posted last month with the LA Times Christopher Knight‘s defense of art sales. Also provides for some good additional thought on the latest chapter in the Rose Art Museum debacle, wherein Brandeis University has announced that they will not be selling the museum’s collection “in the immediate future”, due to the lousy art market at the moment, but plan to once the economy picks up again and people start buying art at more stable prices. More info here about the developments, directly from the Rose.