David Remnick: New Yorker Not Going Biweekly

New Yorker fans, breathe easy. David Remnick, the glossy’s editor, told WWD that there are no plans to cut back on publishing and make it a biweekly.

“I think the combination of a weekly print magazine and a daily website is perfect for us now I think if you go to a biweekly, you lose your seat at the table of what’s going on in the world a little bit,” he explained.

The entire interview is well worth a read, but below are some highlights.

On his relationship with Anna Wintour:

She has been nothing but supportive of what we do. If I need advice, I know that I have an extremely smart magazine person [whom] I can rely on, and she has been nothing but supportive of The New Yorker doing what it should be doing.


On the push toward video:

Doing things with your left hand or left pinky and branding it “The New Yorker,” I’m hesitant to do. If we can do it in a smart way and make it worthy of the writing in The New Yorker, then I’m all for that.

On if he gets nervous when he interviews people:

I really don’t. It’s very strange. Being nervous, first of all, puts you at a distinct disadvantage, and if you’ve really prepared and if you’ve really thought through how to start the conversation, things start to fall into place.

On his love for Girls:

Yeah, I like that a lot. I think what resonates about her [Lena Dunham] is the sort of absolute nakedness, literal and figurative. And the business of a person writing about a more selfish and immature and more unselfaware version of herself is very interesting. There’s an appeal about what she’s doing in “Girls” the same way when you were reading Salinger.

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