Former Slate EIC Settles Into Atlas Obscura

AtlasObscuraLogoAre you old enough to remember Manhattan’s Museum of Famous People on West 50th Street, featuring dozens of vinyl mannequins? How about the apartment with a view that Gustave Eiffel built into the Eiffel Tower, recently re-opened for tourist view and featuring its own mannequin set of Eiffel and Thomas Edison? Have you visited that?

These two tidbits come from the rich content of website Atlas Obscura, where former Slate editor-in-chief David Plotz is now the chief executive. As he explained to the New York Times‘ Leslie Kaufman, his arrival in the fall followed a rather fanciful summer interlude:

Mr. Plotz made a list of more than 100 people to talk to. He included not only journalists, but also recruiters, financiers and people he found interesting, like Maria Popova, the author of the Brain Pickings blog on culture.

He also wrote out a list of dream projects: starting a soccer magazine perhaps, or producing a Broadway musical based on the book and TV show Friday Night Lights.

In addition to previously syndicating content from Atlas Obscura while at Slate, Plotz – as Kaufman notes – came in with another strong connection to the site. He is best friends with Franklin Foer, the brother of Atlas Obscura co-founder Joshua Foer.