David Patrick Columbia And A.J. Jacobs Lunch At Michael’s


Esquire magazine’s Editor-at-Large A.J. Jacobs and Quest magazine editor David Patrick Columbia lunched at Michael’s yesterday and the subject was ”The Year of Living Biblically; One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible.” During Jacobs’ year long experiment/journey in living according to Old Testament rules, he, among other things, found himself wearing only white (”White made him feel better, feel lighter, feel happier”), grew a beard, and ”stoned” a septuagenarian he met in the park with pebbles (”…It was tense”). At the end of the year the Esky Editor-at-Large ended up freeing himself of the habit of cursing as well as looking at the world in an entirely different way. In NYSocialDiary Colmbia concluded at the end of lunch:

”I left our luncheon thinking about myself and the way I look at my life and life around me. I caught a cab that took me up Sixth Avenue and crossed into the Park and the roadway that quickly meanders up to 72nd and Fifth. The Park is beautiful, like the wisdom A.J. Jacobs imparted in his reflections.”

(image via NYSD)