David Pakman Thanks LA’s ‘Non-Corporate’ Media

The David Pakman Show, which celebrated its sixth anniversary in August, has come a long way from humble beginnings on WXOJ-LP in Northampton, Massachusetts. Today, it is available through DISH, DirecTV, as a podcast and on more than 150 individual radio stations.

Still, there’s no rest for the grassroots wicked. Pakman recently came to the west coast to do some promotion and reconfirmed in his latest monthly column that when it comes to his multimedia vanguard line of work, size doesn’t necessarily always matter:

During a recent publicity trip to Los Angeles, I confirmed that independent non-corporate media is alive and well in the United States … kind of.

My visits to The Young Turks, several KPFK/Pacifica radio shows and other local Los Angeles media brought in more website traffic, new memberships and other opportunities than having The David Pakman Show mentioned on CNN, The Howard Stern Show and many other corporate media outlets ever did, confirming that audience engagement, while not size, is certainly higher among the likes of the shows often relegated to the bottom or top of the radio dial, or even more negatively regarded – the Internet.

Pakman goes on to illustrate how today’s increasingly homogeneous mainstream media tends to stomp all over the depth and nuance aspects of stories such as Occupy Wall Street.