Former Time Warner Cable Retention Agent Details Fuzzy Practices

Under the cloak of a South Park animation still, a former Time Warner Cable retention agent spoke with YouTube talk show host David Pakman about his one-time duties.

“Jackie Keaton” revisits the training he received, the disconnect from sales agent promises and some of the retention routines. Techniques included “de-escalation,” e.g. calming down angry customers, and a kind of in-sickness-and-in-health professional vow:

“If a customer dies, someone has to take a death certificate into the local payment center. [But] If they’re sick or something, we can definitely upsell…”

“You first emphathize. You’d says something like, ‘I can understand how that would be hard. Listen, is he [caller’s husband] going to be laid up for a while? What kinds of things does he like to watch on TV? Maybe we can add this NBA League Pass, or something like that.”

The rep explains that his salary would fluctuate based on how successful he was at talking callers down from the cancellation ledge and selling them new services. He estimates that he was successful in this regard seven out of ten times.

Part of the reason for this particular David Pakman Show interview is that the host has been having his own troubles with Time Warner Cable in New York. Pakman says he has called the company unsuccessfully some 17 times to try and get the price-package he was originally promised.