A Grateful Community Remembers Benevolent Muralist David Legaspi

There will likely be more joy than sorrow this afternoon at Santa Monica High School when friends, family and residents gather to remember the late David Legaspi. Which is the way he would have wanted it.

The Filipino-born artist, who passed away of suspected heart failure on June 5 at age 51, left behind donated murals all over west Los Angeles. He came to SoCal via Australia in the 1990s and quickly made his mark. From a recent article on Malibu Patch:

Legaspi did not charge for his mural services at his public projects. He most often paid for mural materials as well. He used funds from his private commissions to pay for his public projects.

Phil Cott, principal of Malibu’s Webster Elementary School, where Legaspi painted his first school mural, said Legaspi was a great friend and patron to Webster Elementary School. “David was the single most generous and prolific contributor to our school in my 20 years at Webster, and literally transformed our environment,” Cott said.

Malibu Patch – one of the hyper-local network’s most read SoCal hubs – has been doing an excellent job of covering this story. A separate item featured more great reminiscences from aforementioned principal Cott. Rest in glorious, brightly colored peace.

[Photo, used with permission, courtesy Malibu Patch/Pamela Conley Ulich]