David Fisher Back to Make a Case for Dynamic Architecture in NY

Ugh. After the reports about his suspect qualification, we were sort of hoping that David Fisher and his Dynamic Towers would go away, or at least stay in Dubai for a little while. But no, he’s back in New York, selling his “world’s first building in motion.” And now, despite the fact that the economy is in shatters and likely no one is too interested in building anything overtly experimental at the moment, he’s looking to expand his Dynamic Tower project into New York, following his first in Dubai (which he hopes to begin breaking ground on in the next few weeks) and then in Moscow as his second location. We’re probably just being overly cranky and negative here (we were up late turning over cars and lighting them on fire last night in celebration of Devil’s Night after all), but we still have a very uneasy feeling about this whole thing. Prove us wrong, Dr. Fisher, and we’d gladly eat our words and sing your praises.