David Corn’s Deep Dark Secret

Mother Jones‘s D.C. Bureau Chief and Politics Daily columnist David Corn isn’t buying the whole liberal journalism conspiracy theory about Journolist as portrayed in a series of stories in The Daily Caller this week. In his view, Journolist was a progressive place for a group of “progressive journalists” who have “progressive ideas they shared with other “progressive journalists.”
In a story this morning, he very nonchalantly explains his involvement — yes, he was a Lister, but a lurking sort of Lister, not a blathering ex-WaPo Dave Weigel or former Washington Independent Spencer Ackerman type.
He said the Journolist was more bar than war room. “The listserv was mainly a fun place for folks to kibbitz, trade ideas, and argue over published pieces,” he wrote. “Think of it as a bar for journalists-without the booze, but with the occasional brawl. Sure, some participants wrote intemperate comments, just as they would mouth off in a tavern with friends, colleagues, or antagonists.”
Corn’s deep dark confession: “I was a member, mainly a lurker; I haven’t posted anything in years. And, truth be told, when I did post it usually was to promote a column or article I had written, seeking links.”