David Carr and the ‘Badass’ Breastfeeding BBC Staffer

How the media critic once dealt with a mommy equation

ReganMorrisTwitterPicSo many of the remembrances of the late New York Times media critic have been about smaller moments. Moments that, nevertheless, speak volumes about the man’s M.O. and remind just how much he was able to resonate with the recipient(s).

Here’s one more from Regan Morris (pictured), a Los Angeles-based producer for BBC News. Morris recalls how, at the outset of her U.S. career, her newborn son needed to be breastfed at the office. Right when she was tasked with welcoming Carr to the studio and guiding him to his perch for a remote satellite TV interview.

Morris was resolutely stressed and embarrassed. But she needn’t have worried about her flushed face, or the loud sounds of suckling emanating from within her chest sling:

Carr was not only polite and gracious, he was impressed. “Wow, talk about the modern face of broadcasting,” I remember him saying. He followed that with a string of compliments, which included words like “amazing,” “strong” and “powerful.” He may have even used the word “badass” instead of amazing, and he said it was the most memorable and beautiful greeting he’d ever had at a BBC bureau.

As a new mom just starting the juggle of career and motherhood, his words and his reaction meant a great deal to me. It actually affected the way I raise my sons and nurture them publicly – sometimes while I’m working – without shame.

Morris says she regrets never having been able to thank Carr for this treatment. RIP.
[Photo via: @reganmorris1]