Magician David Blaine Thanks Shira Lazar for the ‘Electrified’ Boost

Remember that crazy “Electrified” stunt David Blaine put himself through last fall above New York City’s Pier 54? Attending CES for the first time to publicize a related documentary made in partnership with Intel and VICE, Blaine sat down with What’s Trending‘s Shira Lazar to itemize some of the biggest challenges of what he has said is his final endurance stunt.

It turns out there was a special connection between Lazar and Blaine with regards to the stunt. It was her idea to send down to the location the aptly named musician Reggie Watts.

“We were in LA doing a Google Plus hangout with him while he was doing the stunt in New York,” Lazar tells FishbowlLA. “We knew Intel wanted to get musicians to join in and we knew we needed to get someone who was fun, Web centric and had their own performance art style. We reached out to Reggie and he was available, so he showed up on site in New York City that day. It ended up being a perfect alignment.”

As Blaine tells Lazar in the clip above: “Reggie was so incredible. As soon as he started playing, it was like all of the pain went away and the rest of the stunt got easier.”

Blaine stopped eating for two weeks before “Electrified” so as to not have to go “number two.” He also was forced to forego drinking water early on because his urinary receptacle mechanism malfunctioned. As a result, Blaine said he was taking mouthfuls of water and then spitting them out. At one point, an arc of electricity hit his water spurt and “burned” Blaine’s heart.