David All is Not LOL @ Spoof Handle

With a slogan like “we build and protect brands online,”  it’s not surprising that someone is testing the David All Group‘s tag line by turning technology against them.  Last week the spoof handle @DavidLOLgroup emerged on Twitter to taunt the self-proclaimed new media guru whose company bio states “David All is the Internet.”

The mock account says that “dynamic new technologies like facebook book clubs and farmville are empowering people. DavidLOL is the internet, and so can you.”

Tweets  include zingers applicable to most any social media aficionado like:

  • “Because nothing says ‘politically astute’ like posting on your company page that your CityVille is called ‘Redneckopolis.'”
  • “Dynamic new technologies like checking-in to Starbucks 7 times in a row is changing how people empower themselves with technology.”
  • “Twitter is a rapidly updating to-the-second technology. So we send you an e-mail at the end of the day about it.”

The handle hasn’t made a huge impact in number of followers but according to a source, @DavidLOLgroup has garnered the attention of the Internet All himself. The president of DAG and blogger is now attempting to protect his own brand by direct messaging the spoof account’s followers with “can you unfollow Davidlolgroup – it’s a libelous account.”