Dave Gorman, Flickr. Flickr, Dave Gorman.

This article in the Guardian, “Dave Gorman’s Flickr Adventure” by the man of the same name, who we stupidly missed when he came to town for his one man show, “Dave Gorman’s GoogleWhack Adventure,” is a cute, fun read about moving your photographs from your own possession and into the hands of the universe via Flicker. He talks about the decison to make the move, about the company itself, about the joy of seeing other people’s photos just through browsing, and everything in between. It’s a nice story by a regular guy, the kind of person, if you’re a Flickr fanatic, who is probably among your audience. Intersting. Here’s a bit:

I’ve had two or three point-and-shoot cameras in my life, the first a present from my dad for one of my teenage birthdays. The photographs I’ve taken with these various cameras are all in a box in my attic. They are, by and large, pretty dreadful pictures. A few years ago I bought a couple of albums with the grand idea of archiving them properly. I couldn’t find enough photos worth preserving to make it worthwhile.

The thing is, I have a desire to take photos, to preserve memories and document life but I’ve never really known what I’m supposed to do with my pictures when I’ve taken them.