Dating Takes Dark, Twisted Turns in WaPo

Love stories were ever present in this weekend’s WaPo. But there are some twisted tales to tell.

First we noticed the gay date in WaPo‘s date lab in which the two men appeared to be heading toward a juicy, maybe raunchy, hook up — they went to a strip club, shared two bottles of wine and kissed at the end of the night. That’s quaint (the kiss, that is). The sad part, however, comes when Jeff appears to not care if he ever sees his date again. John rates the date a 4 out of 5. Jeff gives it a 4.5, but says, “We did things we probably shouldn’t have done…and it was a good time. But then again, if I never hear from him again, I guess I’d be okay with that.” Seems a cover for not being rejected.

But it’s in WaPo‘s wedding section where things get weird.

Mike drags out an entire evening with his then-girlfriend Anne, including a fancy dinner, drinks and watching the movie, “The Proposal.” After grousing that she was expecting her own proposal that night, he tells her ever romantically, “I’ve been trying, but it’s hard to propose to a depressed woman.” And then he proposes. Depression then proposal. Nice sequence.

But here comes the clincher and my personal favorite from WaPo‘s weekend of love. In the main wedding story, Jennifer and Heath first met at a happy hour. “When she got up to use the restroom, he grabbed the Swiss Army knife on her key chain and placed it on her chair, with the sharp edge pointing up.” If that’s not teary and touching enough for you, she ends up marrying him after divorcing her husband. Ironically she often told her then-husband that Heath would make a “great partner” for someone “when he grew up.” We assume that at the time she wasn’t referring to herself.