Data Giant Acxiom Launches Data Management Platform

Info informed by massive user base

It's a day for launching advertiser tools: not just Tremor Video but data leviathan Acxiom, as well, is bringing a new tool to the digital marketplace, and where Tremor has extensive publisher relationships to leverage its new DSP, Acxiom has all the information anyone could ever want about more or less everybody to fill its DMP.

"We have about 800 million individuals across the world we collect information on," Nada Stirratt, the company's CRO, told Adweek (for the record: the US population is ~300 million, so you're probably in there somewhere). "We run databases for 9 out of 10 credit card issuers, and for some of the big retailers, we run their loyalty programs."

Naturally, Acxiom can't just sell that data on to advertisers—personally identifying information (PII) is stripped out and everybody becomes a number in a spreadsheet with various salient characteristics—age, income, perhaps whether someone is a new parent of a child between six and nine months of age—the data gets very specific.

And there are still significant advantages to working with Acxiom and its partners, including major publishers like Facebook. "We do it without using cookies," explained engineer Tom Affinito (trust us, that's a more and more vital part of the process). "We can take the anonymized data to Facebook, and Facebook will be able to recognize those individuals, even though the PII is removed." Not people who fit into thinly sliced categories—individuals.

It's not a programmatic buying tool, but it could be used very effectively alongside one. "It's not about a publisher giving us inventory because we're not a media buying arm, nor will we ever be, but depending on what their relationships are with the DSPs, this makes the data allocation much easier," said Stirratt. "We're really trying to create the opportunity to be premium with our partners."

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