Former Miami Herald Bureau Chief Launches Weekly Gossip Sheet ‘Dirty Laundry’

Even though Blood Moon Productions mastermind Darwin Porter lives in a Victorian home on Staten Island with a menagerie of once-abandoned pets, his focus remains squarely on Hollywood.

Earlier this year, Porter uncorked a series of wild accusations in his book Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again! (co-authored with Danforth Prince), including the charge that Walt Disney regularly hired male prostitutes. Now, alongside his many celebrity biography endeavors, the former Miami Herald bureau chief for Key West has started a new weekly gossip sheet called Dirty Laundry, which promises to share “all the gossip unfit to print.”

In Issue #4, dated October 26th, “America’s most literate muckracker” tackles such topics as the perverse male fan club of Tarzan star Johnny Weissmuller’s son Johnny Sheffield and a rumor that Howard Hughes lived secretly in Panama until the ripe old age of 96. Commenting on the late Eva McLelland, a self-proclaimed Elizabeth Taylor lookalike at the center of the latter allegations, Porter writes that “having seen her picture in 1970, I determined she looked as much like Dame Elizabeth as Carol Burnett.”

How can you not love a guy who started his current enterprise in 1997 as the Georgia Literary Association, finds time to freelance for Frommer’s travel guides and uses the corporate motto “applying the tabloid standards of today to Hollywood’s Golden Age.” Great stuff.

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