Interview Magazine’s Latest Fabulous Conversation Pairing: Darren Aronofsky and Michelle Pfeiffer

The last time the actress covered the magazine, Ronald Reagan was president

He directed the upcoming film Mother! She co-stars in that film with Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence.

And here’s how the cover story conversation between these two comically kicks off in the April issue of Interview:

MICHELLE PFEIFFER: Did anybody forewarn you that I’m maybe, like, the worst interviewee that ever was?

DARREN ARONOFSKY: That’s an exciting way to start.

PFEIFFER: I thought it was very clever to have you because I usually don’t feel any responsibility to give up anything. I sort of bide my time until the interview is over, and I can be pretty withholding. But now, because I like you, I have to make an effort.

Ha ha. Later on, after Pfeiffer refuses to divulge the middle school transgression that got her kicked off the cheerleading team, she teases Aronofsky with: “Nuh-huh. I can’t go there. [both laugh] If you were a really good journalist, you would find out.”

It’s Pfeiffer’s first magazine cover in some time, heralding the Aronofsky movie as well as her roles in HBO’s Bernie Madoff drama The Wizard of Lies and a remake of Murder on the Orient Express.

The cover and inside photos were taken by Mikael Jansson, who contributes regularly to Interview. The magazine has spoken many times with Pfeiffer over the years, although her last cover was for the August 1988 issue.