TCA Board Member Apologizes for Calling Gold Derby ‘Morons’

There were several insults in HitFix TV critic Daniel Fienberg’s recent tweet about Gold Derby’s Google+ hangout discussion of the Television Critics Association’s annual TV Awards. Fienberg sits on the TCA’s Board of Directors.

Fienberg indicated that he had only made it through seven of the video’s 41 minutes. And he ended his tweet with the all-CAPS insult “Morons.”

Over the weekend, Gold Derby founder Tom O’Neil and some of his colleagues followed up with a second video (at bottom), prompting yesterday this semi-apology from Fienberg:


FishbowlNY reached out to O’Neil for his thoughts on Fienberg’s tweeted apology. “Notice that he still stands behind his other insult blasting us for ‘an astounding celebration of ignorance,'” says O’Neil. “As a TCA board member, he sees no problem lashing out that way at other journalists who discuss the TCA Awards.”

“At no point does he explain what our ignorance is. He doesn’t point to mistakes we made in our reporting and he dodges discussion of the serious problems with TCA that Gold Derby brings up,” he adds. “The group’s lack of transparency about its membership, its seriously flawed voting system that resulted in the snubbing of Silicon Valley and Masters of Sex. By contrast, the rival Critics Choice TV Awards gave both shows multiple noms. It’s time for the TCA to adopt major reforms.”

In another tweet Sunday, Fienberg wrote: ‘I’d prefer @goldderby just declare war on ME. I’m sure *I* deserve it. Oh well.’

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