Dangerously Open-Ended Tweet Asks Followers to Fill in the Blank; Hilarity Ensues

Asking followers to participate in wordplay can be a fun way to get people to interact with your brand on Twitter. But When coffee brand Kenco decided to ask its followers to complete the following sentence, I’m a bit surprised it didn’t consider how easy it would be for clever tweeters to turn the message into something decidedly different from what the brand had probably intended.

Maybe it’s just because I teach high school (and recently experienced the hilarity of playing the Apples to Apples word game with them), but how did Kenco not see what was coming?

To the company’s credit, they did get some tweets that were likely in line with the responses it had hoped to generate, like this one:

Score one for Kenco Millicano!

But it also also got responses like these:

I have a feeling that if you were to ask the social media team that came up with this promo, they’d tell you that the correct answer was not, in fact, “vomit.”

So, take heed, social media marketers; you can lead a tweeter to water, but you can’t keep them from loading it into a squirt gun, jumping out at you from behind a pseudonym, and soaking you.