Dan Savage on Writing for Print in the Digital Era

The newspaper industry’s been facing some rough times in the digital era. But Dan Savage, editorial director of The Stranger and star of MTV’s Savage U, is optimistic. The syndicated columnist behind “Savage Love” has 21 years of experience under his belt and says the current changes the print world is facing aren’t uncommon.

“I actually think what’s happening to print media is kind of what happened to the theater 100 to 120 years ago,” said Savage in mediabistro.com’s So What Do You Do? interview. “There were lots of jobs in the theater. That all came apart. Radio and television, a new technology, came along and just decimated — destroyed really — the profession.”

Suddenly, says Savage, hopeful actors had to be willing to work for free for years — much like the position writers today find themselves in. “When I look around and listen to people in the journalism field complain about what newspaper and print jobs are like now, for me, it echoes the history of theater classes I took in the ’80s when they were talking about the coming of radio and television and what that did to live performance.”

Wanna know how you can get syndicated like Savage? Read the full interview.

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