Lakers Get the DP Show Mock-Headline Treatment

For today’s edition of “Fans vs. Fritzy” mock headlines, Dan Patrick and the Danettes zeroed in on the titanic Laker woes. With entries such as “Howard the Hell Did This Happen?…” and “Kiss My Nash…”, the fans via Paul “Pauly” Pabst “toasted” executive producer Todd “Fritzy” Fritz.

Then again, it’s not really a fair fight. Kind of like when the Lakers square off against the Thunder, Grizzlies or any other median-age-advantaged Western Conference rivals.

There are no headlines on AM talk radio, but if there were, those banner phrases might give Fritzy and DP show fans a run for their money. On LA’s Lakers flagship ESPN 710, each and just about every hour these days is full of panicked discussion about whether the answer is trading Dwight Howard, firing Mike D’Antoni and-or writing off 2012-13 completely. With little mention of Mike Brown and B-ball karma.

Max, Marcellus, Mason, Ireland and everyone else we’ve heard lately also seem to be skipping over the fact that Kobe has finally flat-out admitted he is a difficult guy to play with. No matter where the Lakers wind up at the end of this NBA season, we’re taking that remarkable declaration to the bank.