Dan Abrams To Launch Styleite On March 15 Because Online Fashion Community Is “Two Or Thee Years Behind” Other Industries

News analyst and burgeoning web mogul Dan Abrams is set to launch a new member of his Mediaite family on March 15. WWD.com offers a look at what Styleite.com, a fashion-focused site geared towards women, has in store.

Abrams told WWD that “the fashion community is about two to three years behind many other industries when it comes to the Web. That does not mean that there aren’t some terrific Web sites out there — I think there’s going to be a great future for style and fashion on the Web. I just want to be a part of it.”

We’d argue that the fashion community happens one of the most cutting-edge in terms of providing new media content, from global, community-fueled look books, to nearly instant updates on personal style, to providing a wholly unique platform that allows outsiders to become insiders while, arguably, remaining a relatively unjaded, unique perspective on fashion. Which is to say: Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Abrams?

Nonetheless, Abrams has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to setting Styleite apart from the substantial competition: User-generated content! Arianna Huffington would be positively tickled several shades of magenta. Styleite will include a feature called “Style Sheets,” wherein readers can post profiles and upload images of their wardrobe, which they can tag in order to search for similar items modeled by fellow users and, when applicable, celebrities.

Do you suppose Styleite will improve the media landscape where fashion blogs are concerned and make it more “cutting edge?” Or do fashion sites owned by blog networks or corporations work to anesthetize the industry? Not to, you know. Ask leading questions or anything. Ahem.

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