DailyCandy’s Levy: CEO’s Exit Won’t Stop Growth

sheinbaum2.jpg We heard this morning that DailyCandy’s CEO Pete Sheinbaum (left) was leaving the company just 8 months after it was sold to Comcast.

So we called DC’s founder and editorial director Dany Levy and asked if the story was true. Levy said that Sheinbaum, who has worked for DailyCandy since 2000, had been splitting his time between New York and Boulder, Colo., where he lives with his family. Ultimately, he decided he wanted to spend more time with his family, Levy said.

“He will be sorely missed,” she added. “He’s been a tremendous asset to DailyCandy from the beginning.”

But Sheinbaum’s decision to leave couldn’t have come at a better time.

“The company is really so solid right now, he felt that it was the right time,” Levy explained. “He has done a tremendous job of setting things up and hiring a staff of people who will be able to carry on with the business.”

Sheinbaum is leaving DailyCandy in such good hands that Levy and chief operating officer Catherine Levene are in no rush to find a replacement. Instead, they will be concentrating on the company’s plans to expand in the coming year.

> Update: We spoke to Sheinbaum who said he has no immediate plans to join another company right away. However, after taking a break for a couple months, he’s looking to get involved in another Web start up.

“I felt that after a nice smooth transition to our new owners over the past 7 or 8 months, it was time for me to think about new challenges, new opportunities,” he said of leaving DailyCandy. “There is a tremendous depth of talent, creativity and spirit [at DailyCandy] and I am going to absolutely miss them with all of my being.”

After the jump, Levy talks about working for Comcast.

Since Comcast purchased DC from Levy and majority holder Pilot Group for a reported $125 million last September, DailyCandy has had the resources to grow its brand. Last month the company launched DailyCandy Video and DailyCandy Weddings and they are working towards making their site more of a destination, Levy said.

“Comcast is a really wonderful company to work for and with,” she said. “They have tremendous talent over there in terms of new media, they are respectful of DailyCandy and the brand that we have created over the past 9 years and they are not interjecting their ideas into what we do content-wise.”

Calls to Comcast and Sheinbaum requesting comment were not returned by publication, but we will update if they become available.