Daily Show Producer, Others Work Their Green Blue Material

fresh_meat_nyc.jpgIs it just us, or do all high end comedy clubs look like the interior of a cruise ship? That was our assessment last night as we walked into Comix, NYC’s latest comedy venue. “The chic interior design cues” with a “downtown attitude” read Pacific Princess: if the city ever needs a place for a magician, a Sinatra impersonator, or say, bingo, this just might be it.

So it’s somehow appropriate that we came for “Fresh Meat”, a self-described “comedy variety show” hosted by she-of-endearing-smiles
Catie Lazurus. Kevin Allison of the late, great State deserved a lozenge for his performance as high school football coach searching for “some boy ass.” Comic Bill Burr did a few minutes on dog testicles, and Eric Slovin, one half of the duo “you’ve never heard of” Slovin and Allen presented two short films (one with “visible c*ck,” as one viewer noted) that were the highlight of the evening.

Ben Karlin, executive producer of the Daily Show and Colbert Report, read his piece about the “relentless f*cking of another woman.”

Remember that Daily Show segment where Jon Stewart air skullf*cked Hitler? Now it’s all starting to come together.


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