New York Daily News Closing Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx Bureaus

Joe Pompeo reports on a blustery boroughs move

In the latest and perhaps most dramatic sign of just how much the New York Daily News is following in the footsteps of UK’s Daily Mail and betting on the profit margins of a Web-driven international purview, Joe Pompeo has the scoop on a sad, symbolic retrenchment:

There are plans to close down the Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens bureaus in the coming weeks, sources with knowledge of the matter told Capital New York, in a move that one insider described as the “end of an era.”

The good news: The remaining 10 or so reporters and editors still devoted to the boroughs will not be let go, but rather redeployed to other areas of the organization, like the Web team, city desk or courthouses, the sources said. For instance, the News will now have a couple reporters combing through lawsuits full-time in Queens and the Bronx.

Another wrinkle to all this, from our end, is that every time we’ve lately visited the NYDN site, we’ve noticed just how much entertainment and celebrity items dominate the “Most Read” articles hit parade. In other words, we live in a news cycle now where it’s way more about JLo than Castle Hill.

Pompeo got a statement from managing editor Rob Moore when he contacted the paper. Read those comments here.