Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein Mentions Montel Williams’ Earrings on Twitter. Storm Ensues.

MontelWMarine Corps veteran and long-time TV host Montel Williams went on Fox News yesterday to passionately discuss veteran’s issues.

His appearance prompted a series of Tweets from former FishbowlDC editor Betsy Rothstein, now editor of The Daily Caller’s Mirror. A few of those 140 characters were reserved for a mention of Montel’s earrings. Guess what happened next?

Veteran Josh Wallace also took to Twitter, encouraging Rothstein to #sitdown and saying that it seems Williams cares more about veterans than her. A Tweet Williams re-Tweeted.

Williams went on to say that The Daily Caller needed a dose of reality and that he’s pleased to respond to questions posed by reporters who aren’t a “gossip blogger.”

The Daily Caller piece: Furious Veteran Montel Williams DONE Dealing With VA: ‘We Need To Shut This Organization Down’

Not surprisingly, no where in Rothstein’s Twitter commentary does she mention her personal stance on veterans issues.

FishbowlDC reached out to Rothstein to find out what’s next after Montel Williams himself followed her on Twitter. She said, “After Montel Williams following me on Twitter, life can only go down from here. There is no greater height than having such a ‘famous’ person with fantastic bling following me. And yes, huge eye roll as I write this. On a more serious note, Montel is lying and saying I am anti-veteran. That is bullshit and couldn’t be further from the truth. My complaint with him begins and ends with his complaining that The Daily Caller had somehow distorted his stance when he went on TV and furiously blasted President Obama and then tried to deem that not political.”

Click on over to Twitter (@betsyscribeindc and @Montel_Williams) for the full back and forth and take a look at Williams’ 10 minute appearance on Fox News below. BTW – Great earrings MW!